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All American Christmas Company has been online since 1994 and has always been family owned and operated. Steve, the company's owner, also has a background in installation and is always happy to help customers. We have worked with thousands of businesses, cities, decorators and home owners in the company's history. All American Christmas Company always strives to offer quality products, competive prices and great customer service to all of our customers.

One of our first and most classic options for decorating is mini lights. You may also know these as fairy lights, twinkle lights or Italian lights. These classic Christmas mini lights have been used for Christmas and more inside and outside for many years. If you are more of a traditionalist you might be interested in the C7 bulb and C9 bulbs section. These will give you that vintage feel of yesteryear on your Christmas tree or on the roof line of your home or business. We are very proud to offer a wide selection of the up and coming LED lights. There are many shapes and styles from 5MM and M5 that will be more like a mini light. C6 LED lights, also known as strawberry LED lights, C7 and C9 LED bulbs. You will find faceted or diamond cut designs as well as many lengths and bulbs counts within the LED category. Our most popular section is our craft Christmas lights. We offer several bulb counts and many colors of LED and traditional mini light craft strings. These can be used in a wide range of crafting projects such as, glass blocks, centerpieces, wine bottle lights and many more. Using lighting outside for entertaining has gained popularity in the last several years thanks to patio lights. These cool round bistro bulbs have become a staple for rustic weddings and backyard parties. You can hang them from post around your patio or pool or hang them from barn rafters for a nice glow at a barn wedding. Icicle lights can be hung along roofs or gutters to give you that classic and elegant Christmas light look. Net lights are wonderful for covering bushes during the holidays. Curtain lights are perfect for an elegant backdrop for weddings. Now that you have your lights picked out, you will need something to hang them with, that's where our huge selection Christmas light clips come in handy. We have something for almost every application imaginable. If you want to really bring your Christmas decorations to life, try using a fader, chasing controller or one of our other controller choices. In this area you will also see our options for wire that will give you the ability to create your own light strings by just adding bulbs as well as electrical supplies to complete, repair or restore your projects with ease. One of the most fun categories is our Christmas light displays. You will find something to fit every need. You can fill in with elves or a cute snowman. You will find many options for Nativity scenes for your home or business. There are fun signs and arches. There really is something for everyone. We are proud to offer a large selection of garland, bows and wreaths that will add a festive flair to your home or business. The last options you will see is a link to our Commercial division website. You will see fiberglass scenes, larger displays, pole decorations and more. If you or someone you know needs something larger for a city or business, please click through, take a look and then contact us.

Thank you for shopping with All American Christmas Co. If you need help with a project, be sure to contact us through our contact us link.

Illuminate Your Holiday Spirit with All American Christmas Co.: A Tradition Since 1994

As the festive season approaches, the quest for the perfect Christmas decorations begins, bringing with it the promise of a holiday filled with light, warmth, and joy. At the heart of this seasonal transformation are Christmas lights, the quintessential symbol of holiday cheer. Since 1994, All American Christmas Co. has been at the forefront of bringing this cheer to homes, businesses, and cities across the nation. With an unwavering commitment to quality, variety, and customer satisfaction, we've established ourselves as a leader in the world of Christmas and holiday lighting. Whether you're searching for the most radiant outdoor Christmas lights, elegant exterior xmas lights, or durable exterior Christmas lights for the outside, our collection is designed to brighten your season in the most energy-efficient way possible.


A Beacon of Light in the Digital Age

Venturing into the digital realm in the early days of online shopping, All American Christmas Co. has been a pioneer in the e-commerce space for holiday decorations. With over 50 years of combined management experience in the Christmas lighting business, we've honed our craft and understand the nuances of what makes holiday lighting special. Our extensive range of products, from external christmas tree lights to the best outdoor christmas lights for house adornment, reflects our deep understanding of our customers' needs and the latest trends in holiday decorating.


Beyond Just Lights: Crafting Memories

Our selection goes beyond traditional Christmas lights, catering to a variety of needs and creative visions. For those looking to add a touch of elegance to their wedding or special event, our versatile lights designed for use in glass bottles and table arrangements offer a unique way to create an enchanting atmosphere. Cities and municipalities looking to spread holiday cheer throughout their streets will find our larger decorating items, including external xmas lights and decorations, perfectly suited to transform public spaces into winter wonderlands.


Quality That Shines

What sets All American Christmas Co. apart is our commitment to quality. All our products, from Christmas tree lights to outdoor Christmas lights, are constructed with commercial-grade materials designed for long-lasting usage. This dedication to durability means that our lights are not just for a single season but can bring joy for years to come. Unlike the often disposable options found in big box stores, our lights are crafted to withstand the elements and the test of time, making them a smart investment for both individuals and professional decorators alike.


For Every Space, An Illuminated Place

Understanding the diverse needs of our customers, we offer a wide range of lighting options. From the traditional charm of christmas tree lights to the modern appeal of outdoor christmas lights for house facades, our selection ensures that every corner of your space, whether indoors or outdoors, is bathed in festive light. For those seeking a specific ambiance, our exterior christmas lights and external christmas tree lights provide the perfect solution for creating a welcoming exterior that captivates all who pass by.


Service That Glows

At All American Christmas Co., we pride ourselves on quick order fulfillment and unparalleled back-up support. Our primary and secondary markets span individuals, cities, businesses, decorating companies, and installers, all of whom benefit from our efficient service and expert advice. Whether it's a query about installation or a request for a custom lighting solution, our team is always ready to assist, ensuring your holiday decoration process is as smooth and enjoyable as the holiday season itself.


Lighting Up Every Occasion

While Christmas is our primary focus, our lighting solutions extend to any event or venue in need of a touch of brilliance. From crafting projects to weddings and other functions, our versatile products are designed to enhance the beauty and ambiance of any setting. This adaptability, combined with our dedication to quality and service, has made us a go-to source for all things lighting, year-round.


Join the All American Christmas Co. Family

As one of the oldest online retailers in the holiday lighting industry, All American Christmas Co. has built a legacy of excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our experience, coupled with a wide selection of top-tier christmas lights, outdoor christmas lights, and beyond, positions us as your premier partner in holiday decorating. This season, choose All American Christmas Co. for a bright, beautiful, and unforgettable holiday experience. Let's light up this Christmas together, with every bulb shining as a beacon of joy and celebration.