Imagine not having to worry about how many strings you're able to plug together when decorating, especially when you're having to go up and down a ladder. LED Icicle Christmas lights allow you to plug over 15 light strings end to end without worry of blowing fuses, all the while lasting 10 times longer than your old filament style bulb strings. LED Icicle lights feature M5 LED bulbs and come in a variety of bulb counts and colors to accommodate any lighting project. Making the switch to LED light strings can make outlining your home or business an easier task than ever before. Not to mention how much energy saving you will see. 

Browse the styles of LED Icicle Christmas Lights. We offer a 70 and 100 bulb count icicle light strings in a variety of bulb colors in both sets and cases. Removable bulb sets allow you repair light strings if a bulb happens to burn out. Our LED Snowfall lights look like dripping icicles and perfect for outlining roofs or hanging in trees.

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