All American Christmas Co. is proud to offer one of the largest variety of LED Christmas lights online. LED light strings offer incredible power savings and bulb life that will light your home, business, or events for years to come. Most LED strings and bulbs feature a bulb life of around 50,000 hours approximately, compare that to incandescent light strings which are usually 2,500 hours! Christmas LED lights feature molded plastic bulbs that don't break or come loose and though an investment up front, the jump to LED will save you time, money and effort in the long run. 

Below you'll find the wide array of non-colored and multi-colored LED Christmas lights that we carry and that will fit any application. Our screw in LED Christmas bulbs are perfect for retro fitting your existing candelabra or intermediate base socketed wire. Our LED Patio lights are a great way to get that rustic look without all the incandescent headaches, G40 and G50 bulbs with various base sizes will light up any holiday or event. All American Christmas Co. offers all the best LED light strings to fit any decorating need, including "Strawberry" C6, C7, C9, Wide Angle 5mm, M5 light strings. Apart from basic strings we carry LED icicle lights, LED net lights, battery sets, spheres, and more. So browse the page below to see all the great styles of bulbs and strings we carry and if you have any questions feel free to contact us!

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Facts About LED Christmas Lights

  • LED bulbs use 80% less power compared to incandescent lights
  • Bulb life up to 80,000 hours compared to 2,500 for mini lights
  • Most bulbs are made of plastic and will not break
  • Colors don't fade
  • Plug around 30 sets end to end for most LED sets
  • Great for Indoors and Outdoors
  • Generate no heat


We are All American Christmas Co., your premier destination for an extensive array of LED Christmas lights that will brighten your holiday season like never before. At All American Christmas Co., we take pride in providing a vast selection of LED Christmas lights online, catering to all your festive lighting needs. Whether you are decorating your home, business, or planning a special event, our LED Christmas lights are designed to offer durability, efficiency, and the kind of cheerful glow that makes every moment memorable.

Unmatched Efficiency and Longevity

Our LED Christmas lights are not just about aesthetics; they also offer incredible power savings and bulb longevity that far surpasses traditional lighting options. With an average bulb life of about 50,000 hours, our LED lights stand out dramatically compared to the typical 2,500 hours of incandescent light strings. This exceptional lifespan ensures that your investment in LED Christmas lights is one that will continue to pay off for many years, lighting up countless seasons with consistent brilliance.

Durable and Cost-Effective

One of the most significant advantages of our LED Christmas lights is their robust construction. The bulbs are made from molded plastic that is resistant to breaking and will not come loose, ensuring that your lights remain intact and functional through various weather conditions and handling. Opting for LED over incandescent lights not only reduces maintenance worries but also cuts down on energy consumption by approximately 80%, making it a financially wise choice in the long run.

Versatile Product Range

At All American Christmas Co., we offer an extensive range of LED Christmas lights to suit every taste and application. From the simplicity of non-colored lights to the vibrant appeal of multi-colored options, our selection is sure to meet all your decorating needs. Our screw-in LED Christmas bulbs are ideal for retrofitting existing candelabra or intermediate base socketed wires, providing an easy upgrade path from traditional setups.

Stylish and Functional

For those seeking a more rustic aesthetic without the drawbacks of incandescent lights, our LED Patio lights, including G40 and G50 bulbs with various base sizes, are perfect. These lights not only enhance the holiday spirit but are also great for year-round use in outdoor spaces. Our product lineup includes favorites like "Strawberry" C6, C7, C9, Wide Angle 5mm, and M5 light strings, along with specialty items such as LED icicle lights, LED net lights, battery sets, spheres, and more.

Safe and Convenient

LED Christmas lights are designed to be user-friendly and safe. They generate no heat, making them safe to touch and reducing the risk of fire hazards associated with traditional lights. You can connect up to 30 sets of our LED lights end-to-end without overloading, thanks to their energy-efficient design. This feature allows for extensive coverage without needing multiple power sources, simplifying installation and reducing clutter.

Indoor and Outdoor Versatility

Whether you're planning an indoor holiday setup or an outdoor extravaganza, our LED Christmas lights are equipped to handle both environments with ease. Their weather-resistant qualities and fade-resistant colors ensure that your displays remain vibrant and striking throughout the season and beyond.

Customer Care and Support

At All American Christmas Co., we are dedicated to ensuring that your experience with our LED Christmas lights is as joyful and hassle-free as possible. Our knowledgeable team is always ready to assist with any questions or concerns you might have, from product specifications to decorating tips. We strive to provide not only the best products but also the best service to all our customers.

Choose All American Christmas Co. for your LED Christmas lights this season and experience the perfect blend of style, durability, and efficiency. Browse our diverse selection below and discover the ideal lighting solutions to create the festive atmosphere you've always envisioned. With our LED Christmas lights, your holiday celebrations will be brighter, your costs lower, and your spirits higher. Illuminate your life with the best – choose All American Christmas Co. today!