Our favorite LED Mini Christmas bulb these small light strings offer vibrant colors viewable from any angle. 5mm Wide Angle LED Christmas lights are the perfect alternative to incandescent lights with bulb life rated at about 50,000 hours these strings will decorate your home for years to come without worry or head ache. Wide Angle 5mm LED bulbs feature a concave top that allows you to see the light from nearly any direction which makes them perfect for lighting trees and other greenery around you home or decorating job.

5mm Wide Angle LED Christmas Lights come in a variety of styles to meet your needs. Our LED Craft lights feature a single plug and are perfect for lighting glass blocks and wine bottles. Our 50 and 70 count wide angle mini LED Christmas lights sets are great for projects inside and out the home or even for commercial applications. The remaining styles feature removable bulbs which allow you to create custom strings or repair lights if they do happen to burn out. Many Mini LED Christmas Lights sets come in individual sets or cases so browse the styles below to find just the style/size string you need today.

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