Our C9 LED light strings and bulbs are the perfect alternative to incandescent bulbs and use a fraction of the power and last over ten times as long. C9 LED Christmas lights are the larger size bulbs that look like the bulb have decorated homes, trees, and businesses for many years. Below you'll find the various styles we offer, our screw in C9 LED Bulbs use .96 watts a bulb and retro fit into the socketed wire so many of us have been using. Our LED C9 Christmas lights strings are a pre made light string with bulbs already on the wire via a removable or permanent bulb. These C9 LED christmas light strings allow you decorate easily without worrying about glass bulbs or how many sets you have plug end to end. 

Browse the styles below, our C9 LED Bulbs have a price break for bulk orders and many of the sets feature case pricing for deeper discounts.

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