Incandescent battery operated Christmas lights are a thing of the past since LED strings have hit the scene. Our battery powered LED Christmas Lights shown below last 10 times longer off a few "AA" batteries which makes any decorating project a breeze compared to the old "C" battery sets of yesteryear. All American Christmas Co. stocks a variety of different bulb styles to fit any application such as lighting weddings, events, even costumes for halloween, plays, or cosplay.

Our Fairy Battery Lights (or ultra thin) are incredibly small LED lights on wire that can be bent and shaped and stay in place!  These battery LED Christmas lights are great for centerpieces when you want light without sockets or wires.

Our Wide Angle 5mm battery operated christmas lights are our favorite strings here, viewable from almost any direction and with a 25+ hour battery life they are great any time of year.

M5 LED battery lights are similar to the wide angle but larger bulbs offer an old school look. Lastly, our Floralytes come in two styles, floralyte II which feature a on/off switch and submersible floralytes work underwater. These small, easily hid battery powered LED Christmas lights are great for lighting flower bouquets, fountains, and much more! Browse our large selection of battery Christmas lights!

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