View different LED Patio Light styles

All American Christmas Co. offers a wide variety of globe and patio lights that are perfect for any time of year, but we are proud to be carrying a full line of LED Patio string lights that give the same great look but with all the added LED benefit. Our LED globe bulbs come in a variety of bulb and base sizes, 1 1/2" bulbs come on E-12 base and 2" bulbs come on E-12, E-17, and E-26 base bulbs. These bulbs feature bright and vibrant colors that will light up any holiday or event year after year.

In recent years All American Christmas Co. has supplied countless bulbs to weddings and events which led to patio lights become "the" look customers want for their special lighting project. Below you can browse the selection of bulbs we carry, shop by base size and find just the right size bulb for your light string. If you need LED outdoor string lights check out our Christmas light style or commercial molded light strings. Bulbs and wire are sold separately.

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