If you are looking for a versatile lighting product for your home or business consider rope light. These easy to install rope Christmas lights work indoors and outdoors and it's great for both temporary and permanent applications. We offer rope Christmas light in spools of 150', each spool includes all the necessary accessories to make multiple strings. In addition to spools we offer many accessories as well as controllers to make our 3 wire rope light chase.

These types of flexible neon lights are great for lighting roof lines as well as walk ways and paths, we have many customers use it as accent lighting above or below cabinets. As always, it's right at home lighting up the holidays. Below you'll find the 3/8" and 1/2" rope light size and wire count options. 2 wire incandescent rope light can only flash or fade, but 3 wire styles can chase and do other various animations. The outdoor LED rope light options are great for permanent installations because of its long bulb life or for using much less power for your home decor.

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