How to get a Quote

If you are interested in getting a quote for a large display, large numbers or products, or bulk orders for your lighting projects here are the steps you have to take before contacting us via email or fax.

  • Products - What you are interested in, try to be as specific as possible. For faster turnaround on emails, copy actual item product codes off our web site when referring to specific items. All products will be quoted in nearest case quantities.
  • Dimensions - If you want to estimate the number of lights you would need for outlining a building or building a Christmas (or any season) display you need to know approximately the dimensions of your project. Height, width, and length.
  • Location - Where will your display be located or project take place, in a field, side of a building, rooftop, etc. Please inform us of were your project or display will be located/mounted so we can help you with choosing products for installing and powering your lighting project or display. 
  • Address - We need your City, State, and Zip to estimate shipping costs for your quote. After you have prepared a email or fax please send them it us and we will quote the information as soon as possible. Be sure to take your time, review your quote before you request it. Please no big paragraphs or long run on sentences, break it all down for the fastest turn around time and so we can make sure there are no mistakes.

Coupons and Discounts

We run specials and give out coupons occasionally, one place you can find coupons is on our Instagram page, Pinterest, Facebook or on the homepage. As far as receiving discounts we sometimes choose to give discounts if we feel orders are large enough, but in the end if we don't feel like your order is large enough (50 dollars orders might not receive a discount, but a 500 dollar order might) we will not issue a discount. Discounts also depend on the product being ordered. Please do not ask for a discount in the comment field of an order, we rarely honor these requests unless you have already spoken with someone in our office. If you want to request a discount, please, email us. This is the fastest and best way for us to offer you any break on your orders.

How to use Coupons

Enter a single coupon during checkout after you have placed items in your shopping cart.