Light up your holidays or event with these easy to use Curtain string lights. Curtain Christmas lights are made for indoor and outdoor use to give you a simple way to decorate for the holiday season. However, curtain lights are not just for Christmas anymore. Many people are using these light curtains for weddings and parties. 

Our smaller 6' x 5' Curtain Christmas light options are constructed just like icicle lights. These lightweight Curtain string lights are perfect for indoor spaces where you don't need a tall curtain. On the opposite end of the spectrum our commercial wall of light curtains are 16.5' x 9.5' in size and feature heavy duty wire and bulbs to be used anywhere you'd need. These commercial strings have replaceable drops so if a section dies you can fix it with a brand new one, furthermore you have the ability to string 5 sets end to end for over 2000 bulbs to light your space. These Christmas light curtains sell out every year so be sure to stock up early to make sure you have your for your next holiday or event.

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