The easiest and quickest way to decorate the great outdoors is with beautiful patio lighting. Forget about expensive landscaping that requires significant maintenance. Don't invest money in outdoor statues that are easily broken or worn down by weather. Opt for colorful lights that can be customized by you. You can pick a solid color, multiple colors or no color at all. Bask in the glow of pure white light while you sip a cocktail under the stars in your own backyard.

Our LED patio lights are available in blue, green, red, pink, yellow, purple, orange and white. Imagine the possibilities for decorating on special occasions or for your every day enjoyment. Also, LED patio lights require virtually no maintenance. These bulbs last up to 50 times longer than incandescent lights.

The G50 LED patio light bulbs fit into any standard C7 bulb socket. Purchase wires to accompany your new bulbs in white, green or black. These non-dimmable bulbs have etched glass to create a soft yet brilliant light source. You can also choose clear bulbs with no etching in warm white. These are an excellent choice for indoors and outdoors. Try them around mantles or door frames. Use them to accent special pieces of art. Simply string them in rooms to create beauty or whimsy. There is no limit to what you can do with these LED patio bulbs.

All American Christmas Co. offers patio lights and bistro lights for any time of the year. Don't leave your patio naked just because it isn't the holiday season. Instead, decorate your patio with seasonal lights or everyday lights. You will create a glowing, homey atmosphere that lets you enjoy your outdoor area even after the sun goes down.

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