Your patio is an extension of your living and entertaining space. Why not liven it up with unique patio lights from All American Christmas Co.? We have an assortment of bulbs to create the atmosphere you most desire. Our bulbs ship throughout the United States for use any spot that can be enhanced by decorative lighting.

Many homeowners love traditional light bulbs. These patio lights are lovely and unassuming. They are great for use any time of the year. Use traditional patio lights if what you seek is a light source that does not vie for attention from the other decorative features of your yard.

If you want something that stands out a bit more, consider edison lights. These lights pull you into the past, emulating the original bulbs that were built by Thomas Edison himself. These versatile patio light bulbs work well with art and crafts schemes, mission style furnishings, country charm and even steampunk. No environment is unsuited to edison lights.

Is color more your style? All American Christmas Co. offers medium-sized patio and bistro lights in multiple shades. You can choose from colors like aqua, amber, fuchsia, red, green, blue and more. Buy all one color or mix and match. You can even choose our multi-pack, which gives you an assortment of ceramic bulbs.

All American Christmas Co. knows that you want an easy solution to your outdoor lighting needs. That is what we offer. You pick the bulb, you pick the wire, we pack the shipment and send it to you. The best part is, you never have to visit a hardware store to get the perfect outdoor patio lights for your home.

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