Net lights are a favorite with people who want to decorate with light but don't have a lot of time to invest. Our 4x6 net lights are stackable, very easy to use and take all of the guesswork out of the best light placement. All you need to do is find a power source, pick your spot and attach the net. Soon, people will think you spent hours decorating your home with lights. They may even think you hired a professional. The truth will astound them.

Net Lights in Multiple Colors

You may be looking for clear net lights. This versatile option is perfect for homes as well as offices. We offer clear 4x6 net lights with green wire either on their own or in cases of six. Choose clear lights for all purpose decorating. Use them indoors to create fairy rooms. They are brilliant choices for weddings.

If clear lights aren't for you, we have plenty of options. Pick blue, green, red or multi-color lights to give your home a real splash. These lights are often used during holidays, but why not branch out? Use blue lights throughout the year for a dreamy atmosphere. Red lights are great for celebrating. Green lights are ideal for spring.

More Light Than You Can Imagine

Each of these light sets contain 150 individual bulbs. We recommend stacking the nets together to cover large surfaces. All of our 4x6 nets come standard with green wires. This traditional light wire color blends well with trees, shrubs and so much more.

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