One of the easiest to use Christmas light clips on the planet! The C-Clip and it's derivatives allow you to outline a roof quickly with very few tools for a uniform look that will last all season. C-Clips hold C7 or C9 base sockets and can be affixed to almost any flat surface with double sided adhesive pads, silicone adhesive, or small screws. Using this type of light clip with allow you to ensure no bulbs will shift so that your lights are always evenly spaced. They are great for the side/corners of buildings as well.

The contemporary to the classic C Clip is the new L-CLIP which is made in the USA. This clip installs the same but holds bulbs slightly differently. The L-clips biggest advantage is the added UV protection, these clips will last much longer in direct sunlight so you can leave your clips up all year. Browse the styles below and clip the images to see more pictures of these clips in use.