Opaque bulbs are some of the most colorful, most vibrant choices you can make for your lighting scheme. These painted bulbs are perfect for outlining roof lines, using on patios, wrapping around outdoor structures, decorating trees or even using indoors. Available throughout the year, opaque bulbs aren't just for the holidays.

These C9 opaque light bulbs are available in amber, blue, green, pink, purple, red, white and yellow. We also offer a multi pack that includes our most popular colors. Choose a single shade for a distinct lighting scheme. Combine two or three colors for an interesting approach to light decorating. Customize your outdoor lights by buying the bulbs and strands you most desire.

Opaque lights are very popular for outdoor entertaining. The painted bulbs keep the brightness of the lights from being distraction. Meanwhile, the lovely colors add to the festivity of the atmosphere. This makes them a particularly good choice for commercial areas. Outdoor dining, seating areas, dance floors and more benefit from a lighting structure that is both bright and beautiful. All American Christmas Co. knows this, which is why we make both commercial and residential strings readily available through our easily navigated website.

All American Christmas Co. knows that you have reason to celebrate all year long. This is why our products are always available. Likewise, we stay staffed every day, not just during the holiday season. Buy our light strands for parties, weddings or every day decorating. You will love the style as well as the high quality.

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