Since we launched we've understood the importance of having clips for your installation jobs, regardless of if you're lighting your home or on the roof of a commercial building there is a clip to make your life easier. Our all in one & multipurpose clips are used to hold a variety of light strings and bulb types on gutters, under shingles, and more. While many of our clips hold multiple styles of light strings, we also carry a selection of installation specific or product specific clips. Our LED light clips, Icicle light clips, mini light adhesive clips & more are designed for their related family of lights. Our tile clips, gutter hooks, roof clips, shingle tabs and light stakes allow you to install lights just about anywhere!

Our sculpture are a great way to create or repair Christmas light displays.  All American Christmas Co. also carries a selection of black out and color caps to hide or change the color of bulbs without having to physically swap out each bulb. Just check out the categories below to see all the great Christmas light clips we offer, many of which are made right here in the USA!

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