Attracting customers to a business can be as simple as creating the right lighting scheme. Retail shops, bistros, theatres and more can use outdoor lighting to create an inviting atmosphere. Brilliant lighting attracts walk-in traffic. A well-appointed atmosphere keeps customers coming back. Let All American Christmas Co. help you with your new lighting plans.

We offer commercial light strings in black or white with a variety of socket covers. Your base can be traditional, suspended or decorative. You can even specify if you want a decorative base in silver or copper. All of our sockets are weather resistant. You won't have to remove your string lights every time a storm appears.

All American Christmas Co. is your source for the most diverse outdoor light strings anywhere. Along with color and socket, you can choose the spacing for the light sockets as well as how long the wire needs to be. You are virtually guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for when you browse through our online catalog.

Once you find the string, you can start searching for bulbs. Simply make sure your socket sizes match when you place your order. Not sure if you've made the right choice? Contact us! Use our online form for the quickest responses. We will let you know if your wires and bulbs work together. If they don't, we'll provide you with alternatives that meet your needs.

Commercial lighting can be used on any type of building at any time of the year. Many businesses only use lights during the holidays. If this is you, you may be missing out on an easy, economical way to create outdoor curb appeal that requires little to no maintenance. Order your light strings today and see more customer traffic tomorrow.

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