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Patio lights are a classic looking light bulb that is at perfect for nearly any holiday, event, or decorating project. These round globe lights are sometimes called bistro lights or festoon lights and have become a staple at rustic or outdoor weddings. These round bulbs come in a variety of bulb and base sizes to accommodate existing light strings or achieve your desired "look". Only a few of our patio lights come with wire, which can be found under pre-made patio strings. Be sure to check out All American Christmas Co. wide variety of traditional Christmas light wire in green, white & black colors and commercial molded wire strings for more permanent applications.

Browse the page below for the sizes and shapes of bulbs we carry, G30, G40, and G50 Globe bulbs are the classic round style, while the S14 and A19 are the larger styles, and our LED Globe lights are a great option for permanent installations or commercial decorators that want to make their look last! You'll also find our wire options to match any budget and achieve the look in your head.

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