Creative Ways to Light Up Your Wedding

Posted on by Hannah Marcum

You have started planning your big day, you have the perfect dress, cake, color scheme and then you realize that you have forgotten all about the lighting. Never fear, that is exactly what we are here for. I will be sharing a few fun and creative ways to use Christmas lights to make your wedding the most beautiful and glowing it can be. Using the right lighting can really make all of your other decor and hard work pop.

Mini Lights

Mini Lights for Weddings

Mini Christmas lights are one of simplest and most common ways   to decorate for special events. If you will be having an outdoor wedding you will see that there are limitless options. Wrap trees on the grounds of your wedding or reception. String these little fairy lights from post around your reception area over tables to have a starry effect. If you are using a tent, you can drape them along the top and make them swag a bit for a soft glow. 


Curtain and Icicle Lights

Curtain and Icicle LightsAn indoor wedding would never be complete without the perfect photo backdrop. Hanging curtain lights or icicle lights behind a sheer fabric makes a subtle but stunning glow to light up the background of photos. Icicle lights can have a similar effect but in a more undone way. Using icicle Christmas lights can give your barn wedding just the right amount of light with being too polished. 

Patio Lights

Patio LightsGlobe or patio lights have been a more recent discovery in the decorating world, but they have blown up on Pinterest for weddings. These are beautiful strung from posts over dinner tables for your reception. You can hang globe bulbs from the rafters of a barn for a rustic glow. The most interesting option is hang some strings of these bistro bulbs vertically on a wall for a stunning backdrop for your ceremony or photo booth. 

I really hope these few tips will help simplify the wedding lighting projects you may have coming up. Remember, there are no rules with decorating and you can get as creative as you want. Mix and match and create the perfect look for you.