Lighting up Your 4th of July

Posted on by Hannah Marcum

Lighting upWe are ready for warm weather, cookouts and fireworks. Independence Day is one of the most fun celebrations of the year, not only because it happens during summer time, but because of the reason we celebrate. What better way to show our pride and patriotism than with lighting. We have some really fun options to do just that in your own back yard.

Patriotic Icicle Lights


These fun red, white and blue icicle lights come in two different options, 100 count and 150 count. These would be the perfect addition to your backyard shindig. String these up along the gutters or roof line and watch your party come to life. These will give an awesome and festive glow to your Fourth of July barbecue!

Patriotic Displays

There are not a lot of choices here, but the few that we offer are perfect. Hang an American flag on your front porch to show everyone your American pride. You don't have to take this down after the holiday, you can leave this up all year. Why not? 

Other Patriotic Lights

Red, white and blue spheres are fun for hanging in the trees around your home for a glow for your party or event. There are also stake spheres that would be great the line your walkway for guests. Umbrella lights would work great for lighting up your patio table. 

Of course there are globe bulbs, mini lights, LED's and other options that you can mix and match to get everything you want for your get together. 

There are no rules to decorating, just remember to be creative and have fun!