Mini lights are commonly used during the holidays, but they have gained even more popularity in home decorating projects. Thanks to social media sites that specialize in DIY home decor, a new generation has found that something as simple and inexpensive as mini Christmas lights can turn any environment into something from a dream.

Our 2.5 inch spacing mini lights are durable and long-lasting. Lower cost items like these might be tempting, but you will end up paying the price over time. Cheaper mini lights burn out quickly, wires split and they will not hold up over stress. Our mini Christmas lights are both beautiful and strong.

Available in an array of colors, you can purchase lights to match any decor. Choose a white wire with teal bulbs to string around an ocean themed sun room. Pick a string of lights with green wire and pink bulbs to weave through greenery in a fairy garden. Buy a multicolor strand of lights to attach to your patio or fence line for every day celebrations. Remind yourself and your guests that string lights are not just for Christmas. They simply allow you to celebrate every day in a simple, yet meaningful way.

All American Christmas Co. specializes in lights. In fact, that's all we do! We love the look of string lights so much that we want all of our customers to love them as well. This is why we only sell the highest quality of lights at the lowest prices possible. We even offer a 10 percent discount on all orders over $75 as long as you use the special code SAVE10 when checking out online.

Make Christmas last all year. Order your 2.5 inch spacing mini lights today!

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