Mini lights are perfect for decorating areas of all sizes. Often used for holiday decor, mini lights create the ideal look. Use them to decorate trees and wreaths. Outline eaves and doorways. Use them on shrubberies

Christmas All Year Long

Mini Christmas Lights can be used at any time of the year, not just Christmas! Try using them for holidays like Valentine's Day, Easter, Independence Day and even Halloween! You can also leave them up all year to make every day festive. Hang mini Christmas lights from curtains or canopies. Use them in bottles or mason jars. Create your own light art using bendable chicken wire and these 6 inch spacing mini lights.

Lights That Match Your Mood

Our 6 inch spacing mini lights are available with either green or white wire. Green wire is popular during the holidays or when woven through greenery. White wire looks lovely against houses, for interior decorating or used as wedding decor. We also offer a huge variety of bulbs. You can choose multi-color bulbs for vibrant lighting options. You can also choose from amber, blue, orange, white, green, pink, red, teal, yellow and clear.

Elegant Outdoor Lighting

Take your boring outdoor living space and transform it to the next level. Using these string lights to decorate pergolas, patios and garden fences makes a stunning, sophisticated statement. Your guests will think you spent thousands of dollars on decoration and landscaping. In reality, a string of 6 inch spacing mini lights is less than $10. These beautiful lights look great at places of business too. Enhance an outdoor dining area or cocktail patio with lights that can be used in all weather conditions.

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